Fork Buffets

Beautifully presented Cold Fork Buffets for every occasion. Our list below is for your guidance and we will always be happy to tailor the menu to your specification. We can offer extra menu suggestions if required.

With over 30 years catering experience we will be pleased to guide and advise you to choose the menu that suits your function, budget or taste.

Fork Buffet 1

Chargrilled chicken breasts in a light marinade
Slices of Home-made vegetarian quiche or Potato tortilla
Gammon Ham with whole grain mustard
New Potato salad with chives, yogurt & mayo dressing
Couscous salad with roasted vegetables
Mixed buttered breads
Baked New York style cheesecake or Profiteroles with chocolate sauce
A selection of fresh fruit skewers
£18.00 per person
min 8 people

Fork Buffet 2

Home cooked real salt beef platter served with original horseradish & gherkins
Delicious chicken breast escalope coated in fresh breadcrumbs, lemon & black pepper
Home-made Italian Frittata (VEG)
Greek salad with Feta and olives
Classic seasonal mixed leaf salad with cucumber & grated carrots
Pitta bread served with houmous, & marinated chillis
A platter of sliced melon & fresh pineapple
Home made baked cheesecake
Fresh Fruit Skewers
£19.00 per person
min 8 people

Fork Buffet 3

Grilled chicken breast, avocado, chopped coriander, cherry tomato and asparagus with spicy lime dressing
Traditional Grilled salmon with a light dressing
Individual Roasted Vegetable filo tartlets
Lentil and goats' cheese with sun-blushed tomato salad
Middle Eastern wild rice salad with pomegranate and coriander
Rocket leaf salad and dressing V
Selection of bread and butter
Tiramisu dark chocolate Pots
Fresh fruit Skewers
£21.00 per person
min 8 people

Fork Buffet 4 - The Italian Buffet

Roasted mozzarella & pesto stuffed chicken breasts, sliced & served with mixed Italian leaves
Grilled Salmon pcs with Tarragon & lemon
Vegetarian Frittata slices with spinach, mushrooms and parmesan
Plated Buffalo Mozzarella with tomato, avocado & fresh basil
Solto Olio Vegetables selection
Italian Bean salad with sundried tomato & Olives
Rice salad with peas, chopped ham & fresh garden mint
Crusty baguettes served with butter
A selection of choux buns with pouring chocolate
£22.00 per person
min 8 people

Fork Buffet 5

Blackened ginger & lime king prawns served with thick slices of smoked salmon & lemon wedges
A platter of home roasted meats: Rare roast beef & baked English ham, served with fresh garnish and a caper & olive oil dressing
Home-made filo parcel filled with a fresh vegetable ratatouille
Potato salad with cornichon gherkins & fresh dill in a light mayo dressing
Cous cous salad with seasonal herbs
Classic seasonal mixed leaf salad with cherry tomatoes & cucumber
Traditional English cheeseboard with mixed crackers
Mixed crusty bread platter
Selection of mixed pudding pots: chocolate mousse, berry mousse & creamy giotto (1 pudding pot per person)
£25.00 per person
min 8 people

Celebration Cakes & Assorted Gateaux are also available on request.