For the most important meal of the day look no further than our freshly baked morning goods and hot breakfast specials. We can deliver as early as 7am...

Selection of mini croissants, Danishes and Pan au chocolate

£1.35 each

Mixed selection box of mini croissants, Danishes and Pan au chocolate (18pcs)

£23.00 per box

Large Croissants & Danish Pastries (Plain, chocolate & Almond)

£2.30 each

Mixed Selection box of Large Croissants & Danish Pastries : Plain, chocolate & Almond (12pcs)

£25.20 per box

Breakfast rolls (warm)

Bacon, Egg or Sausage
Regular £2.75 each
Large £3.75 each

Breakfast bloomers (warm)

Bacon, Egg or Sausage
£4.00 each

A selection of filled savoury breakfast croissants (mini or large size)

Fillings include: Gammon ham & tomato, Smoked salmon & cream cheese or Ham & Emmental.
Mini £3.00 each
Large £4.20 each

Filled Breakfast Bagels

£2.50 each

Home Made Muffins

Freshly baked American style muffins. Flavours vary but can include: Chocolate, Blueberry, Banana & Whole Oats
Small £2.00 each
Large £3.00 each

Fruit Salad Pots

£3.50 each

Greek Yoghurt Pots / Granola

Natural, Blueberries, Banana, Honey flavours
£3.50 each

Continental sliced meat breakfast platter

3 portions of sliced meats to include Mortadella, Salami & Bresaola. Served with olives, tomato and Italian breads
£6.95 each
min 5 people

Continental slides cheese breakfast platter with crackers

A selection of three portions of Continental cheeses, with crackers, butter & pickle
£6.95 each
min 5 people

Smoked salmon & boiled egg breakfast platter with brown bread and butter

£6.95 each
min 5 people